Funny vWorker Job Posting

One of the most entertaining emails I received daily is the vWorkers mailer. It is a list of all the latest freelance work that is available at It’s entertaining because of some of the amazing things some people want written for peanuts. There are many foreign programmers waiting on job vacancies like this, and they are willing to work for near nothing. However, it still gives me a good chuckle when someone thinks they have come up with some amazing idea and just need someone to code it. Why is that funny? Because most people have good ideas, even those idiot code monkeys. The main difference is that a code monkey realizes when an idea is ridiculous.

Today’s job posting was funny for a whole new reason. The irony in this post is just amazing. Here is a screen shot of the listing. I’ve highlighted a clue to the irony. Enjoy!

Original Charlie Bucket looks a lot like Mario

I was just watching the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Netflix and I thought that I’d see if the guy that played Charlie did anything else. Apparently, he didn’t do any more movies except for the 1971 classic. He’s now a veterinarian in NY. I wonder if he has intentionally made himself look like Mario.

Charlie Bucket looks like Mario
Charlie Bucket looks like Mario

I must also point out that even if he looks like Mario, I commend him on being happy with his life. He obviously loves what he does. He looks like a good man.