Netflix Error Code n8156-6013 Fix

I ran into this issue while changing my VM’s configuration. The VM is a Windows XP machine that I use primarily to watch Netflix on Linux, since Netflix doesn’t support Linux. After I made a change to the VM configuration, I could no longer view Netflix videos. The error code was N8156-6013 and the error message said that my system date was not valid, even though it was completely correct.

Examining the issue, I found that some solutions point to a file in the C:\ProgramData folder. This folder doesn’t exist in my XP VM. XP keeps the file in:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\

The file is mspr.hds. All you have to do is rename that file. If you get an error while trying to rename it, close out any browser that has Netflix running on it. After you have successfully renamed the file, you should be able to watch your Netflix again.

The New Cosmos

I’m a big fan of Carl Sagan and his excellent television show from the 80’s called Cosmos. If you’ve never seen it, check it out on Netflix. It’s great if you like documentaries on science.

I’ve recently discovered a new television show from Great Britain called, The Wonders of the Solar System. In it, Professor Brian Cox seems to pick up where Carl Sagan left off. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to Cosmos so far. However, I would critique that some of the camera work is just too “modern”, and by that, I mean that they use their hi pod to zoom/pan around Brian Cox way too much. This is a trend in cinematography that I just can’t stand. Other than that, the show is great. I feel that Cosmos was a bit more ordered and historical. It seems to have a clear path which Carl Sagan took the viewer down. This new series seems a bit more chaotic.

I think it could use more direction, but it’s the best modern day version of Cosmos around.

British Comedy at its best: The IT Crowd

I love British comedy. Let me get that out of the way. I especially like a certain brand of humor that is reflected in the actual British accent and a “matter-of-fact” attitude. In American terms, I equate it to Bill Murray’s character in Ghost Busters. He’s very nonchalant about everything. His girlfriend is hovering above her bed in one scene and he’s just calm as can be.

Those type of situations tend to gather the most laughs from me, and British humor normally carries a lot of those situations. So that’s my explanation as to why I love British Humor. Now, in many cases, when a TV show is popular in the UK, we Americans think we can adapt it. The Office, for example was originally a show from the UK. It was probably brilliant there, but I’ve never been a big fan of our version of it.

Our version is good, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’m sure their version was much better, and we butchered it. That’s why it’s no surprise to me that the American version of The IT Crowd never took off.

I LOVE The IT Crowd, by the way. It’s one of my all-time favorite TV shows. If not for I would never have seen it. It’s a shame that we can’t watch it here in the states, with its original cast. I’m sure it wouldn’t be very popular, but the people who like it would LOVE it. Most Americans probably wouldn’t like the show, but there are some of us that would give up 50 channels of our cable access just to be able to watch shows like that.