eBay Most Watched Items

Well, after a few days of serious development, I’m releasing the beta of my site. It’s called whats-hot-weekly.com. It is basically a “most watched items on ebay” site. With it users can find what everyone else is looking at.

One can search by keyword/keyphrase, by category, or by both. The interface may need a little polishing, but it’s functional. There is at least one minor bug that I’m working on. The site will continue to improve, and I’ll be adding forums soon, so that people can report bugs and discuss what they find.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think by commenting here or by emailing me at the address listed on the site’s home page.

Amazing eBay sale

I realize everyone needs money, but I can’t believe what some people are making money from. For instance, I just found this on eBay:

OPEN OFFICE PRO 2007/VISTA/XP FOR MICROSOFT WINDOWS NEW – eBay (item 260364170325 end time Feb-24-09 14:29:46 PST).

Someone sold a “retail licensed” version of Open Office for $52. Two of those a day and you have a decent payday considering that Open Office is completely free. Hell, I may try selling a few copies of it myself.

I’ve seen people sell Linux and Open Office on eBay before, but I’ve never seen one of them go for that much money. That’s pretty expensive for a free piece of software. Of course, there are some that will argue that yes some people don’t have broadband and may actually benefit from these auctions. Well, that may be the case but that isn’t the type of people they are marketing to.

They are fooling people who don’t know any better. They are making them think that they are getting a dang good deal on some software. It’s actually pretty genius.

I’ll be off burning some Open Office disks.