Cade’s Cove Cavendish

After quitting my job, I decided to start smoking a pipe. No, I didn’t start smoking the wacky tabaccy. I had quit smoking cigarettes in September (13th 2008). I’m completely quit. I don’t want to smoke cigarettes, but I do want to do something like it. I think it has to do with keeping your hands occupied or relieving stress, because smoking a pipe does both and I feel a lot better since I took it up.

Now, I don’t inhale the smoke. I just “puff” on the pipe. I know I still get some of the nicotine from the smoke but at least I’m not getting the harmful effects on my lungs. I’m sure there is some danger from the pipe smoke but the stress relief outweighs the risks completely.

With all that in mind, I have a great suggestion to anyone who is reading my little blog. Cade’s Cove Cavendish is absolutely the best pipe tobacco you can get. The only place to get it is the Gatlinburlier which is a tobacco shop in Gatlinburg, TN. If you are a pipe smoker (the tobacco sort), you HAVE to try it. You can get it online at I don’t make a dime from that link, so don’t think this is some kind of scam. That’s honestly THE best pipe tobacco I’ve ever tried. If you have suggestions for the best pipe tobacco or think that your pipe tobacco is better. I’d love to try it and give a review. Until that time, “Cade’s Cove Cavendish” is the best.