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iTunes University

I have to admit, I wasn't a fan of iTunes until I got my first Mac Mini. I started listening to one of the radio stations on it. To be exact, I liked the solo piano station. I wasn't aware of many of the features on iTunes.

Recently I decided to take up iPhone app development. I found a great course on iTunesU. It's a complete Stanford Univerity course on iPhone development. It is made up of around 20 videos.

So I started to browse through some of the other courses available on iTunesU. Man, I can not explain how excited I was when I started reading through all the available course. I know, most people won't care about lecture videos. However, I love it. I'm sitting here watching a lecture on Physics from MIT. This is great stuff.


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Pull the Genie out of the Compiz Fusion Magic Lamp

Here's another video tutorial that explains how to get that cool OS X genie effect from the compiz fusion magic lamp effect using a hex editor and a text editor.

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Screen: A Command-Line Multitasker

Here's my video about Screen. I have to say I love this app. It comes in handy. It's the first thing I start when I create a SSH connection to a remote server.

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