Ultra Cheap Web Cam on eBay

I was just using my new tool at whats-hot-weekly.com and I noticed that the most watched item in Computers & Networking has changed a bit. The latest, greatest selling item is a web camera. The price simply can’t be beat. It’s $1.00. It has a built in mic and would be great for Skype and such. I’m not sure how many they have left but they’ve sold over 8,000 of them according to whats-hot-weekly.com.

Two things that should be noted about my site. The “Bid Count” shows how many people have bid on the item, if it is a regular auction. However, if it’s a ‘Buy it Now Only’ auction, the bid count is actually the number of people who have bought the item. Also, the static link I’m about to post to the site is NOT the main part of the site. It is what I call the static links portion of the site which allows me to post a link to a specific item or search criteria. The main site is almost completely javascript and there’s no good way for me to link to the content of a search.

Finally, here is the link to the web camera in question. Notice that it’s only a 300k camera, but that is VGA quality which should be fine. I mean…come on….it’s a buck.

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