Hava Titanium HD Wifi

Ok these things are awesome for someone like me. Wireless is the way to go with these too. There are a few different models and they are super cheap if you get them in the right place. Cheap, at least, considering what they can do. Hava Titanium HD Wifi provides a premium home theater experience. It allows you to watch and control HD digital cable, satellite. You can also record the programs wirelessly on a PC or even a mobile phone.

Not only that, but you can also view YOUR TV stations while you are away from home. Let’s say you are on vacation and you have your laptop with you. You can watch and control your TV stations from your computer. If the place you stay at only has basic cable, for instance, and you’ve subscribed to the full deal at home, you can watch it remotely. You just have to have a recommended 300kbit/s upstream. Most broadband connections are at least three times this.

These things are truly awesome and you can get one for less than $200. It’s a steal for anyone who likes to watch TV on their computer. I stay on the computer so having a TV is very nice.

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