Double-Edge Razor Bliss

My father used to have a comb-over and I always said, “if I go bald, I’m going to shave it all off”. Well genetics is hateful to some of us, and I indeed went bald quickly after the age of 19. Being a man of my word (usually), I started shaving my head after the denial stage. I’ve been shaving it ever since. I’m almost 34 years old, so I have quite a few years of shaving experience. Today changed everything though.

I’ve been using a Fusion Power for about a year. Before that I used a regular Fusion. Before that I used a Mach-3 Power. This goes all the way back to the Gillette Sensor. It was a two blade razor. I’ve been using mult-bladed razors for at least 10 years. The more blades the better, I’ve always thought.

I’ve been stupid. The multi-blade razors have been tough on my skin AFTER the shave is over. They shave close and really aggressively. Your skin is smooth after you shave with them but the next day you’ll have ingrown hairs and bumps. I’ve read that this is a result of the lifting motion of the first few blades on the razor. This lifting motion was once regarded as a break through for close shaves. I remember the commercials. The first blade lifts the hair out of the skin and then the next blade either lifts further or cuts the hair. This actually cuts the hair so that it settles under the skin. Thus the reason it produces a lot of ingrown hairs. The hairs grow back the wrong directly.

Some ideas are great, but are later found to have negative effects. This is one of them.

So, on with my story. I started reading about double-edge razors and wet-shaving in general. I found that there were a lot of people that really take their shaving seriously. I watched video reviews on Youtube of razors. I shopped on Amazon for the perfect razor. I ended up buying one of these:

This is the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. It came in today and I had to immediately shave with it. It’s amazing. I can’t describe the difference, but it’s makes you want to shave. It shaves like a knife through butter. It glides across your skin. It’s just amazing. Plus I bought 100 blades for this thing for a whopping $14. This is the cheapest, most amazing, and close shave I’ve ever had. Read up on double-edge shaving. It’s well worth the time and you’ll save a lot of money.

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