Netbean’s Menus Don’t work in Linux Mint 12

Gnome3 has some issues. I really like the look and feel of Linux Mint’s Gnome3 + Mate interface. However, looks aren’t everything. Functionality is important as well. Almost everything works with it but Netbeans is an exception. The menus are completely unusable with it.

The quick solution is to select “Gnome Classic” when you login. I like the look of it as well, and at least everything works in it.

While I’m on the subject, why did Gnome decide to take the path it did with version 3. It’s too much like Unity, and I hate Unity. Why are they moving to this type of desktop? Gnome 2 may not be the prettiest thing available, but it has been the most usable desktop environment for years. They should have just concentrated on improving the look of it, added a few new features, and worked on any bugs they had laying around. Most people don’t like Unity or Gnome 3. This doesn’t leave much of a choice other than KDE and XFCE4. Of those, I’d pick XFCE4, but if you have a large userbase like Gnome has, why screw that up by making your new version look like and act like the DE most people are wanting to avoid? I just don’t get it.

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