Global Media Shortcuts in Windows

Many Gnome users may have taken advantage of the global keyboard shortcuts available. I’m in Windows at the moment on a normal keyboard, and I want the same customizable shortcuts. Typically in Linux I’ll set Win/Super + P for the play/pause shortcut, Win + Up Arrow for volume up, Win + Down Arrow for volume down, Win + Left Arrow for previous, Win + Right Arrow for next, and Win + M for mute. This removes the need for extra media keys completely, and I really like that feature of Gnome.

Now that I’m in Windows 7, I really miss that ability. I’m looking for a way to do this. If anyone out there knows how to do this, shoot me a comment.


Edit:¬†Eureka! Nevermind on the suggestions. I found a nice little free app that does exactly what I wanted. I was about to try to write one myself, but this one does it well. You can download it here. The app is great. I setup my keys, changed the options to have the app start at windows startup, and set it to close to the system tray. That will confirm that it’s always running when I’m in Windows.

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