Fix Direct Admin Exim after Debian upgrade

Well I just spent way too long on this because I was unaccustomed to the DirectAdmin way of doing things. I upgraded Debian from Squeeze to Wheezy a few weeks back and didn’t realize until today that I broke my email server. It was breaking because the used by Exim was 5.10 instead of the newly installed version 5.14. Without being accustomed to DirectAdmin’s way of doing things, I first thought that it would probably be as simple as making a dummy symlink to point to the newer version of perl but name it 5.10. That allowed Exim to start, but email was still broken. I then thought I would install the 5.10 version of perl using perlbrew and use the from it. This didn’t work. I finally did the correct Google search and found what I was looking for. I needed to rebuild exim with the custombuild script for DirectAdmin. And here’s how:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build update
./build set exim yes
./build exim
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