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Planet Earth in Blue Ray (Blu-Ray, Blue-ray, Blu Ray, BluRay)

Even though there are many ways to write Blu-Ray, they all mean one thing, high definition video and great audio. Mix that with the best cinematography every thrown into a documentary and you end up with Planet Earth Blu-Ray edition. To me, this was what Blu-Ray was invented for. 

The Discovery Channel went all out with this documentary. It is an eleven part mini series that explores the mountains, oceans, deserts, jungle, polar, and fresh water regions of our favorite planet. In the process they display the best visuals you'll ever see in a documentary. I saw this Blu-Ray set in Walmart a week or so ago for around $70. The list retail price is $100. I found it for $50 here. Not even Amazon has this good of a deal.

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